Our journey started with energy transactions. We have grown to touch every aspect of the energy industry from drilling to generation, from transactions to jobs.



The most innovative and powerful energy auction platform supporting natural gas storage, pipeline capacity, retail and wholesale power, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, ethanol, coal, and railcar leases among others. Customized for all the nuances of each product-delivery locations, pricing, index, suppliers, credit, liquidity, transportation costs, and storage.

Since our launch in late 2011, billions of dollars of energy products have been transacted for the largest utilities, power generators, municipals, co-ops, airlines and railroads, as well as leading transportation, shipping, commercial, and industrial companies.


Pricelock's energy listings platform allows energy companies to advertise their company, products and services for free. Those wishing to buy or sell specific energy products or services can list their detailed requirements. Listings get hundreds of views and are included in daily emails to thousands of energy professionals making them an effective way to create awareness and enable energy transactions.

Listings, our latest offering, has been embraced by a broad spectrum of companies across the energy industry.


While Pricelock started as a place for energy buyers and sellers to transact efficiently, over time our community has grown to include energy professionals of all sorts. In fact, the diversity of our community is the engine behind its popularity.

Pricelock is the first and only energy-centric social network allowing members to connect based on indus-try specialization, company or geography. Members get free access to all listings, receive customized alerts and a daily feed of relevant content, news, listings, and jobs.


Integrated into the community of engineers, project managers, marketers, project financiers and investors, renewable experts, operational and field service professionals, and traders is the ability to recruit and search for jobs.

Job seekers use our robust social features to search, share and apply for jobs. Recruiters gain access to both active and passive candidates by posting jobs and can utilize the network to find common connections and referrals for top candidates. Pricelock proactively markets posted jobs through email, search and online advertising and is active on social media.