Miles Ahead: A different kind of employee incentive

With Pricelock's Miles Ahead gas incentive program you can help employees manage their gas budgets on the go. You decide the discount per gallon your employees will receive. Your employees swipe a co-branded gas reward card to buy gas at discounted or capped rates. This is more than your average gas card. It is flexible, configurable and can be changed at the employer's discretion at any time, even after the employees have the cards in their hand. You can improve retention for as little as $24 per employee per month that will let you:
Retain your employees by increasing loyalty
Reward positive achievements and integrate your HR goals
Recruit from a larger geographic area by decreasing the cost of their commute
"We believe the program has already paid for itself."
Chandra Venkataramani
COO Aegis America
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Lower the cost of employee attrition
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The support you need

Highly customizable

Reward employees based on performance; Turn on/off cards quickly and easily.

High return on investment

Achieve your HR goals through this cost effective program.

Quick implementation

Easy to administer with customized online access for control and reporting for you and your employees.