You have full control
Easily monitor, award, and add/remove employees using a co-branded administration website unique to your company. Integrate your HR goals easily and affordably and watch how your employees brag about it to their friends and family. Unlike one time gifts of individual fuel cards, our Miles Ahead gas incentive program is ongoing and has a lasting impact on your employee's personal budget and company affinity.
You have options
Choose between a discount per gallon, a cap per gallon, or a combination of the two. Offer tiered discount levels based on HR goals, employee tenure or performance rewards. See pricing and program choices >>
Easy for employees
Your employees swipe a co-branded gas incentive card to buy gas at discounted or capped rates. Pricelock pays the gas station for the discount. Employees pay for their discounted or capped gas directly. Calculate your turnover costs >>
Proven to improve retention
Small but repetitive financial hardships, like the cost of filling the tank, often create the most stress for employees. By providing a helping hand every time your employee goes to the pump you are constantly seen in a positive light. This cost-effective employee incentive is proven to improve retention by over 50% and engage more than 90% of employees.
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