Chrysler's Let's Refuel America program
By working with Pricelock and creating "Let's Refuel America," Chrysler not only increased customer traffic to dealerships, but also increased sales. This innovative gas guarantee program got its customers' attention.provided 17,000 Chrysler car buyers a traditional cash rebate plus a Pricelock fuel card.
The Problem
Chrysler knew that volatile fuel costs was a top concern of drivers and it needed to address this concern in order to drive dealership and web traffic. They also needed a point of differentiation from the competition.
The Solution
Chrysler card holders never paid more than $2.99 per gallon to travel up to 12,000 miles per year for 3 years. Web traffic at increased
34%, dealership traffic increased 27%, sales beat baseline forecasts and it was the longest running incentive program in the history of Chrysler.
Hyundai picks Pricelock to extend Assurance program
In 2009 Hyundai launched an extended Assurance program by offering fuel price protection at $1.49 for 12 months.This program was extended two times.
The Problem
Recognizing fuel prices as a top of mind concern for consumers, Hyundai needed a solution to this concern to strengthen its Assurance program. The ultimate goal was to increase sales and beat forecasts.
The Solution
Hyundai partnered with Pricelock to enhance their Assurance program by adding price protection for gas. Hyundai customers who bought a
new car were able to lock in a whole year's worth of gas for just $1.49 per gallon. During the program, not only was in-store traffic up by more than 30%, but sales were up 47%. The program was extended twice.
Aegis Miles of Smiles Benefits Program
Aegis, a leading global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider, rolled out an innovative benefits program that has helped attract and retain employees.
The Problem
In the summer of 2008, Aegis was growing rapidly and needed a program to improve employee retention and recruitment. Aegis employees commute a number of miles to work and are impacted when the price of gasoline rises.
The Solution
Pricelock helped Aegis offer their employees a discount of 60 cents per gallon as well making sure employees never paid more than $2.99/gallon. Attrition rates dropped by 50% and over 99% of employees participated. The program has paid for itself several times over and it is a program that employees speak very highly of.