Better pricing for your clients

Competitive auctions drive prices down—assuring you get the best deal for your clients, often below the forward curve. Built-in reporting allows you to demonstrate and validate the price improvement.
Efficient access to suppliers
The RFP creation and analysis process saves you significant time and allows you to select suppliers from our robust network or your existing relationships
Flexibility and analysis
Marketplace gives you access to shaped and full requirements structures, demand response and ability to specify renewable and other needs. In addition you’ll receive a true cost comparison of all offers, incorporating non-energy components and tiered or pass-through pricing
Internal and customer materials
Marketplace is available to help with your customer communications and sales – easily create reports, utilize the library of sales materials, or include us in sales calls
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Join the Marketplace

Suppliers using Marketplace
Suppliers using Marketplace

Streamlined process

Full service

Use Marketplace to take care of all your client's natural gas, power and other energy needs.

End-to-end purchase management

Easily make purchases for any number of end users from one central online platform. Provide your customers with quality and consistency every purchase.

Built in reporting

A full reporting package provides a detailed end-to-end review of the power purchase showcasing the price improvement.