Making an offer - made easy

With Marketplace, you no longer need to waste time and paperwork to find coal buyers and respond to their RFPs - it is all fast, easy and online.
New opportunities
You will receive an email notification of any opportunity in your service area. All the details you need to evaluate are just a few clicks away
Flexibility to compete effectively
Auctions are held for each location. You can specify quantities, make multiple offers and submit non-conforming offers
Designed for coal
Evaluate the buyer's coal specifications and provide the attributes for your offer in moments

Grow your business with Pricelock Marketplace

Easy offer process

Online process designed to make it simple to understand, analyze and make offers on complex bid requests for coal.

Reduce your sales cost

Receiving bid requests as soon as they are released allows you to concentrate on real business rather than spending time and resources prospecting for potential future opportunities.

Smart offers

Price discovery including notification on volumes awarded and average prices allow you to fine tune your offers.