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Selling - Spec-Q2 Management Solution

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Accupoint Software

Youngstown, OH


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Jeff Cianciola

Accupoint Software

Managing Director

  • Natural Gas Services
  • Crude Oil and Services


The SAM platform is the only compliance solution designed specifically for the control and administration of the API Spec Q2 requirements, and brings together the most innovative cloud-technology and proven industry best-practices. The result is a... Show More

Other Notes

The SAM platform gives you the ability to guarantee your API Q2 compliance, regardless of size or geographic locations. But the real benefits go much further. By using SAM to establish your organization’s commitment to quality management, you will: -Acquire new business as major oil and gas firms require robust QMS to award contracts. -Enhance organizational decision making with a comprehensive, customizable metrics dashboard. -Present aggregated data to operators, auditors, managers, and executives. -Lower the cost of compliance with improved effectiveness and consistency. -Improve decision making with an integrated process approach to project management.