Get paid when fuel prices increase
Simply put, Fuel Price Protection is a financial arrangement where you get paid when gas or diesel prices go above a protection price selected by you. When you purchase a plan, you pay a one-time fee and Pricelock commits to paying you every time the national average goes above your protection price.
No change to how you purchase fuel
Continue to purchase fuel as you currently do; there are no limitations to how and when you fuel.
  • Fuel Price Protection is not pre-purchasing fuel; it is financial protection against fuel price increases that allows you to cap your gas or diesel prices but does not lock you in if prices fall.
  • You can continue to benefit from any discounts you have negotiated and you can still use a fuel card.
Cap fuel costs, benefit if prices drop, no future fees
  • Fuel Price Protection is not gambling. When you purchase a plan you are protecting your business against increases in gas prices.
  • If fuel prices do not increase above your protection price you will not receive payments. However, unlike other strategies that force you to lock in a gas or diesel price, with Fuel Price Protection you continue to benefit on the downside if fuel prices go down.
  • Once you purchase a plan there are never any additional fees.