Client Services Manager

How much does a Client Services Manager make?

Entry Middle Senior
$100,000 $125,000 $160,000

What does a Client Services Manager do?

 Serves as the primary contact for the client account.  Manages and services complex and/or small to large revenue account for a specific client or specific business line . Generally a post-sales role to ensure optimum satisfaction and performance of client account.

Key responsibility is developing opportunities that increase revenue from client by getting higher percentage share of business or cross-selling other products and servicing. Getting client to be a reference and getting referrals to other accounts is a huge plus. Successful Client Services Managers ensure that all clients needs and concerns relating to the product and services offered are properly and fully resolved. Quarterly or monthly reviews – both qualitative and quantitative are generally expected.

What education does a Client Services Manager need?
 Typically requires a graduate degree in business, journalism, communications and other arts or science fields. Some roles may require degree in engineering and math.