Gas Trader

How much does a Gas Trader make?

Entry Middle Senior
$75,000 $120,000 $175,000

What does a Gas Trader do?

Gas Traders have different roles depending on what type of entity they work for. In a trading context, a Natgas Trader will negotiate transactions to produce revenue for their company. This involved them balancing corporate production assets including renewable and thermal generation. They also keep track of market arbitrage opportunities to take advantage of imbalances in regional gas markets.

At a utility, the Gas Trader is responsible for consulting with the planning, scheduling, and gas control groups on how best to satisfy the LDCs customer requirements in a reliable and least cost fashion, taking into account operational system constraints. This position will negotiate and execute gas supply transactions to meet these system supply needs either in the short or long term. In addition, they will manage the utilities hedging activities while also continuing to look for opportunities to maximize the revenue potential inherent in the LDCs portfolio of assets in a manner consistent with regulatory constructs and the Company’s goal of providing reliable and economic service to its customers.

What education does a Natural Gas Trader need?

Bachelors Degree in Economics, Statistics, Finance, Business, Engineering or related field