Power Procurement Manager

How much does a Power Procurement Manager make?

Entry Middle Senior
$60,000 $105,000 $125,000

What does a Power Procurement Manager do?

Position is responsible for overall power procurement for one or more sites. It entails oversight of bidding and procurement of power from  utilities, energy marketer, and third party suppliers of energy, as well as procurement of electric  fixtures, products and services. Monitoring of utility rates, energy consumption, site budgets and energy improvement projects on a continual basis are a key function of the job. Key decisions include when to purchase, how much to purchase and from whom.

With advent of renewable power, environmental regulations and credits and rebates for green purchases, a good power procurement manager has to stay up on all the trends, data and  developments in the electric market. 

Operational responsibility includes management of power purchase budget with annual and monthly energy cost forecasting, monthly bill paying and utility invoice oversight.

What education does a Power Procurement Manager need?

Bachelors degree in Energy, Finance, Math, Environmental Science, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or related field