Project Manager

How much does a Project Manager make?

Entry Middle Senior
$90,000 $130,000 $170,000

What does a Project Manager do?

The Project Manager in an energy company is responsible for the successful completion of a series of goals (a “project”.) They manage the timelines of when different milestones will be reached, which resources will work on which tasks, how much the project costs and report on status to project stakeholders.  They are responsible for the success of the project, making sure it is completed on-time and on-budget.

In addition to traditional time and resource management, energy-focus Project Managers must also worry about safety in projects. They must balance the demand to complete the project within short timeframes with the training and safety demands, especially in more complex deepsea oil and gas projects and new fracking project. Ultimately, the success or failure of a project – whether it is a new drilling operation, an update to new technology, or a new pipeline or transportation system will be the responsibility of the  project manager.

What training does a Project Manager need?

Project managers come from all disciplines with varying degrees.  In energy, many have chemical or mechanical engineering degrees. High level projects require a masters degree or MBA. Certifications such as PMP will also provided competitive advantages to Oil and Gas and Renewable Project Managers.