Project Scheduler

How much does a Project Scheduler make?

Entry Middle Senior
$33,000 $45,000 $65,000

What does a Project Scheduler do?

Responsible for schedule creation, monitoring and updating of construction and drilling projects: Coordinates with project teams, intra-departments, customers, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. Reviews and coordinates schedules and schedule updates from customers, 3rd party subcontractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers. Works on a variety of concurrent individual project schedule in addition to multi-project schedules: Schedules may include claim issues and impact tracking. Meets with customers, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to determine the schedule of the work: Ensures that all administrative scheduling requirements and obligations are achieved. Prepares reports for management including Project Managers, VP of Project Management and VP of Operations. Consults with Project Manager, VP of Project Management and other key personnel.

What training and education does a Project Scheduler need?

High School Diploma or equivalent with some work experience. College degree could be a plus, but are often not required.