Real-time Trader

How much does a Real-time Trader make?

Entry Middle Senior
$90,000 $100,000 $130,000

What does a Real-time Trader do?

A real time trader is an exciting position if you like the action of energy markets, enjoy mathematical strategies, and do well under pressure. 

Real-time traders must understand energy markets and the global factors that impact energy short and long term energy pricing. They use this knowledge to buy and sell derivatives across multiple products (oil, natural gas, electricity, ethanol, power) at numerous geographic regions (Asian, Europe, North America, and US.) 

They need an understanding of statistical modeling techniques to analyze, value and manage risk. The items they trade are called structured energy derivatives. They also must be familiar with common technology systems and often interact with internal compliance, regulatory and finance groups.

What education does  a Real-time Trader need?

Bachelor of Science degree in Energy, International Trade, Finance, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Engineering