Trading Risk Analyst

How much does a Trading Risk Analyst make?

Entry Middle Senior
$70,000 $95,000 $120,000

What does a  Trading Risk Analyst do?

There is risk in all aspects of energy trading. The role of the Trading Risk Analyst is to measure the risk of deals and create policies to lower risk as much as possible. They measure risk by analyzing risk metrics (including Value at Risk [VaR], Stress Testing, Historical Simulation, Liquidity metrics.)

They then use these models to collaborate between the traders who enact the deals, the middle-office who validate the deals and the front-office who must understand the trading strategies and implications to the firm.

 A trading risk analyst will create risk policies, credit limits and trading limits. They then help assure trades don’t create excessive risk by violating these limits.


What education does a Trading Risk Analyst need?

Bachelors or Masters in Risk Management or Finance or Math