Transmission Project Manager

How much does a Transmission Project Manager make?

Entry Middle Senior
$55,000 $65,000 $80,000

What does a  Transmission Project Manager do?

Responsible for power transmission programs consisting of a combination of small to moderate size projects. The Transmission Project Manager will manage, direct and coordinate all aspects of the work related to the installation of new, rebuilding, and re-conductoring, and relocation of overhead transmission lines. The Transmission Project Manager is responsible for the cost management of the individual projects, the successful completion of the projects within the specified dates. Job entails working closely program management team, subcontractors, regulatory agencies and any other project stakeholder. Major responsibilities include being the primary project point of contact for all internal teams, define project schedules and goals, communicate variance and changes to  project schedule, management of activities such as environmental, permitting, planning, estimating, engineering, project controls, constructability reviews, material management, and closeout.

What training or education does a Transmission Project Manager need?

Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, civil engineering, construction management or related fields.