Wellhead Engineer

How much does a Wellhead Engineer make?

Entry Middle Senior
$70,000 $100,000 $135,000

What does a Wellhead Engineer do?

A wellhead engineer installs and maintains the drilling equipment used in oil and gas wells. A wellhead is the top-most surface of the well. The wellhead engineer is responsible for the valves, pipes, connectors, Christmas trees (devices which control the flow of gas or oil from a well) and other equipment that is critical to the operation of the well.

Wellhead engineers can work on land-based wells, offshore in shallow water or in deepwater (subsea) drilling. They are involved with the planning of the well, installation of well equipment, maintaining it, adjusting it as needed and troubleshooting any issues with the equipment.

What education does a Wellhead Engineer need?

Degrees in mechanical engineering help, but many jobs only require technical experience and a high school diploma.